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The Last Dahlias…

How can it be the LAST DAHLIA "cake" of the season!! This season of growing Dahlias flew by! We found it to be challenging early on in many ways with weather and drought. We learned that Dahlias do NOT love really hot temps as our blooms were a bit less than in years past. But once the heat subsided and the gorgeous weather of September and October arrived, they finally took off and produced SO many amazing blooms!

We are now working on the huge job of digging, washing and splitting our tubers to prepare for our 3rd annual Tuber Sale!! We will go LIVE with our Tuber Sale in late January. We choose that date so we have enough time to get all our splitting done and inventoried so we know the appropriate totals we can offer to sell.

As we settle into a slower time in our fields I'm planning to share more information about growing and playing with Dahlias. Maybe Ill inspire you in some way too...

Stay tuned !! 😉

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