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Where did the Dahlia come from?

Dahlias were originally native to Mexico and Central America, and were actually named Mexico’s national flower in 1963. Today, there’s a mindblowing 50,000+ varieties of dahlia flowers out there!

The Royal Horticultural Society classifies dahlia flowers into 14 groups, depending on their shape. Examples of these groups are Formal Decorative Dahlias, Waterlily Dahlias, Pompon Dahlias and Ball Dahlias, which are perhaps the most easily recognized.

Dahlias belong to the same family as sunflowers, chrysanthemums, daisies and asters: Asteraceae. Like other flowers in this family, dahlias are composite flowers, meaning they’re actually made up of dozens of mini flowers known as either ray or disc florets. What we might think of as the dahlia’s “petals” are actually these individual florets.

Dahlias are mostly fragrance-free; they use their vibrant colours to attract pollinators, rather than scent. However, again like other members of the Asteraceae flower family, dahlias are heavy pollen producers. This means they’re not particularly allergy-friendly! If you know they have hay fever, dahlias are perhaps not the best flowers to send to your loved one.

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