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My Dahlia Story

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

As I prepare for our very first Dahlia Tuber Sale coming January 15th at 12pm. I am reminiscing about my journey and how we got here.

4 years ago I was looking for more from my garden design business. I was open to the world and looking for whispers of what might be something more I could do with my passion for flowers. I stumbled across info on Instagram about flower farming. I found Erin Benzakein from Floret Farm, @floretflower , and became obsessed with her story and felt connected to her love of flowers. That winter I began playing with fresh flowers. Something I had not done much as all my time went to my garden plants and growing gardens for others. I realized I can grow a flower farm too! I was doing it every day for others in their private spaces. I surely could grow in a field setting.... So I took her online course and decided to pursue the dream!

I planted my very first Dahlia tubers that spring!! Scared that I couldn't do it, I tried anyway and followed my gut about growing flowers and all the tips I could find. Well, it was magical! The first season was very successful and lead to an addiction to learn and know all the different types and faces of "The Dahlia". Over the past 3 years our Dahlia field has grown to include 4000 tubers planned for 2022! Along the way, I included my son Ross with me. Thru trial and error we have spent many hours with these amazing blooms planting, amending soil, digging, harvesting, fertilizing, watering and oh yeah splitting! We are feeling confident in our craft and can't wait to share the passion with you!

The florists and locals we grow for have experienced the beauty we grow and now rave about their perfection. We sell thousands of fresh Dahlia blooms each week thru August and October and are not looking back! We hope you gather the courage to try your hand at growing them for yourself. The JOY they give us has been worth the work and how fun it is to give it back to the world! Please check out our online shop and see the collection of varieties we will be selling in a few weeks. We truly appreciate your support of our family flower farm.

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