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Why Locally Grown Flowers?

Why locally grown flowers matter??


A common question out there these days is why locally grown flowers are an important choice to make when purchasing. Well, this is a loaded question, but first and most important, over 80% of flowers purchased in the United States are grown overseas.


These flowers are raised with many chemicals and with very poor labor conditions. They also experience a long travel time of over a week before they reach your store, so they often only last in your home for a few days.  They are literally sprayed with chemicals to lengthen their lifeline during the shipping process. Most people care about the carbon footprint they are placing on the world when making buying decisions so the idea of shipping flowers across the world to purchase is just not in line. The carbon emissions from the long- distance shipping are huge, and in fact hazardous to our future flowers and planet. If that is not enough, the flower options are very limited to only those varieties that can be out of water for long periods of time and survive the shipping process. Ultimately there is no reason to ship flowers into the US from other parts of the world as we have growers right here in the US that are growing beautiful blooms closer to home.


The world of locally grown flowers is so much more broad and beautiful as the delicate blooms are harvested hours before your purchase so they are able to be enjoyed in your home longer. These blooms are much cleaner than the imports, so much safer to experience close up and to bring into your home. They are usually longer lasting as they are harvested so close to their delivery time. These locally grown flowers have a more desirable scent too, due to their freshness. They have bolder colors and varieties that are not found elsewhere and entertain the eye and the senses to a higher level.


We at SCC Flower Farm grow our flowers sustainably to protect the land for generations to come and boast chemical free practices to protect the pollinators and people enjoying them. We are excited to be apart of the locally grown flower movement going on now in the US, and feel proud to share the JOY of flowers with our community.


For more information on locally grown flowers check out these links:

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