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Sunset Dahlia Tuber Mix

Happy Monday Flower Friends, 👋🏻

I got involved in the dahlia tuber shopping mania looking for a few special varieties to add to my collection this weekend. I realized how much it takes to find those special tubers out there in the world. It's a lot! 😳 I lost count of how much time I spent dreaming and scrolling and searching websites. 🤣 So let me just say that I truely appreciate everyone who finds our sale and who finds a beauty to buy.

In an effort to #giveback some #dahlialove, I am doing a GIVEAWAY!!

Now this one is different than others this year. It is a WHOPPER and will be worth your efforts!!

We just created a special mix in our tuber shop called

"Sunset Mix" it has 10 tubers!!

for only $80.00. The colors are shades in a sunset and will allow you to grow and create the arrangements I have in this reel.

The varieties included are:

  1. Penhill Watermelon

  2. Cornel

  3. Crazy Legs

  4. Wine Eyed Jill

  5. Cornel Bronze

  6. Rock Star

  7. Arabian Nights

  8. Rip City

  9. Jowey Linda

  10. Crème De Cognac

It is an amazing deal with a gorgeous collection of tubers! 🤩🤩🤩

To celebrate I want to GIVE 1 of these Sunset Mix packs to a lucky Dahlia lover!! See my Instagram REEL posted today for how to get entered. 🎉

I hope you have the best week dreaming and sharing about DAHLIAS!! 😘

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