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Early Access to Dahlia Tuber Sale if you are a Member

As we approach the Kick off to our Tuber Sale on January 17th at 9am CST. I wanted to be sure you are aware that those who are email subscribers of our website will be allowed 30 min. Early access to the sale.

Alison has created a step by step, short tutorial video explaining how to become a member and create a wishlist in case there are any questions about it.

Some Perks of becoming a site member are the ability to create a wishlist that you can easily click “add to cart” for faster checkout and view your past orders.

To say we are EXCITED to open the sale. is an understatement ! We have a very beautiful collection of tuber varieties to share! On our 3rd annual sale we feel very confident in the quality of our product and the shopping and shipping experience you will encounter.

Thank you ALL So much for your purchases and Have FUN!! 😜

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