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Shane's Dahlia Story

Hello, my name is Shane Buerkley

I guess I could be considered the "little brother" of the family. I primarily work with the landscape crew as a supportive team member and as a supervisor when needed. I might add I am getting pretty good at backing up a trailer too.... Over the past few years I have enjoyed changing it up to spend time helping on the flower farm.

From planting tubers to digging tubers to washing tubers and watering with fish emulsion, I have always been able to lend a hand with the dahlia crop. There is so much to learn! Every time I am helping out, I scope which ones I like the best so I can swipe a few extras for myself or to give as a gift to a special someone. :) I recently realized how these dahlias are a common language when I was talking with one of my college professors last year. We happened to get on the topic of how he is a huge dahlia gardener and I was able to talk with him about them for a bit. Oh.... and then there was the time I had some friends over a few years ago when my parents were gone. We were playing "Ghost in the Graveyard" in the dahlia field. But kinda funny how the game ended early when everyone started exploring all the dahlias instead.

I always look forward to summer to find my way around the beautiful flowers in the field!

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