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Ross’s Dahlia Story

Hi there!

My name is Ross Buerkley and I am the Lead Flower Farm Supervisor at “SCC Flower Farm”. I have basically been involved with Sarah’s Cottage Creations my whole life. Lol! I remember getting picked up from soccer practice in the company truck, pushing aside dirt and plants to make a spot to sit. I started helping on the Garden Crew when I was 12! Then proceeded to the Landscape Crew and now, The past two years, on the flower farm.

During this time, I have enjoyed learning about all of the flowers we grow. But none quite as much as the Dahlia! I find their variety in flower type fascinating and love to think of how each dahlia got its unique name. I often quiz myself and others on my crew, as I walk thru the rows on each blooms exact name.

Between working on our family flower farm and being married to a wedding florist, I quite literally eat, sleep, and breathe dahlias. There is always something to do to keep these beauties going year after year. From planting, amending soil, weeding, watering, staking, protecting them from the elements, digging them up in the fall, cleaning, harvesting, arranging, splitting, and finally properly storing them for winter, they always keep me on my toes!

For all that work these incredible flowers are more then worth it!! They make us grin from ear to ear when we see their show-stopping blooms and hear from our clients how they brighten their day!

The amazing crew I work with day to day does all of this with their hearts fully in it with hopes that everyone who receives our flowers feels that same passion.

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