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My 5 Best Dahlias Recommendation

My 5 Best Dahlias of 2023..


Every year is different in our Dahlia field at Sarah’s Cottage Creations due to weather and natural conditions. I-like to look back at the year and document my favs so we are sure to keep them coming back again in the future. Here are my 5 FAVORITES:


1. Pink Pearl; This is a florist favorite! We sold out of it every week. She is true to her name in shades of the most beautiful blush leading to a lighter center. The intricate petals of this ball dahlia, add so much texture and dimension. All who experience her want more!!


2. Penhill Watermelon; If you can only have one Dinner Plate Dahlia, this is the one for you! These 10”informal, extra-large blooms, dance a top 4’ strong stems in our flower field. Their colors change from deeper shades of peachy, raspberry to lighter shades as the fall sets in. They are adored for their fluffy, magnificent blooms!


3. Brown Sugar; This 3-dimensional colored bloom is exquisite in your fall bouquets! Their ombre of rusty color from outside to center as gorgeous. These 4’blooms are a ball shape and will provide a longer vase life as well. The minute we had some ready to harvest they were sold.



4. Boom Boom White; With so many white dahlias to choose from it is often hard to select just one to grow. As we have been growing white dahlias for many years now this has become our absolute FAV!! These creamy, white ball shaped blooms grow on tall 4’stems and have a long vase life. Our only issue is the Japanese Beetle pressure, as they love all white flowers, so we organza bag them early to keep the blooms clean.


5. American Dawn; This richly colored bloomer boasts large 4” decorative shaped blooms. The thick strong stems make her great for gardens AND arrangements. Perhaps one of the most unique characteristics of theAmerican Dawn dahlias is the distinctive purple center making this truly a one-of-a-kind dahlia!



If you are a beginner starting to grow dahlias or an expert. These 5 dahlias would be a strong addition to your collection. At Sarah’s Cottage Creations Flower Farm, we grow all our flowers with sustainable practices to create safe environments for pollinators and our clients.

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