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Flower Farm Update: July

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Hello there!

We are back on the blog after a busy start to the flower farming season this year and can't wait to share more about our journey so far! We have been prepping flower beds, planting, harvesting, and of course weeding like crazy. Each day we learn something new about the plants we grow and work tirelessly to perfect the processes we use to grow and harvest them in sustainable and efficient ways. We have also supplied the blooms for two weddings so far this summer (more info and photos to come in later blogs). Our annuals are putting on quite the show out in the field and they are keeping us busy with our harvesting schedule! We are testing out some new varieties of some of our favorites such as zinnias, sunflowers, and dahlias. We love seeing all of the colors, shapes, and sizes these unique varieties bring. We will start sharing more of our favorites in the next few blogs we will post once a week!

So, until next time, we hope you enjoy your week!

Alison Maxwell

Lead Flower Farm Supervisor/Designer

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