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Dahlia Tuber Sale

Dahlia Tuber Sale date to be announced Soon! We just finished up the huge job of cleaning and splitting thousands of dahlias and have an abundance to share! I’ll be working on loading up our online shop with all the options and hope to announce the date in a few days! So EXCITING!!

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Sarah’s on Twin Cities Live!! Such a FUN experience yesterday!! Talking about Dahlias was a blast!! To be honest I felt like I had SO much more to talk about but ran out of time very quickly. 😂😂😂 I


I was alarmed because the dahlia page says sold out on all of the varieties. Today is the 11th. I hope you just have not listed them yet . I want to buy them and I don't want to buy from anyone else. I signed up for emails I think. really looking forward to hearing about the sale. Thank you, Ida Beth Barner


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