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BIG NEWS! We will be selling our locally grown flower bouquets at Kowalski's Markets in 2020!

On a rainy day in October 2019, Ross and I visited the floral buyer for Kowalski's Markets in the Mpls. Metro Area. We trudged thru the downpour to the front door with our buckets of flowers to show off what we can grow. We walked upstairs to meet our contact dripping wet adn laughing under our breath at our appearance. Thankfully that didn't seem to bother our contact as we were welcomed with open arms.

We proceeded to discuss all the flowers we can provide in the coming season including color idea and varieties that will be available from our sustainably grown flower farm. Before we departed we got a tour of the floral department and confirmed our product to begin delivery May 2020. As we look forward to the coming season we are thrilled about this opportunity to partner with such a quality company and look forward to all the beauty we get to share. You will find our blooms to be available May - October 2020.

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