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AppleBlossom Dahlia

Let me introduce you to Appleblossom Dahlia…

She is such a stunner in the garden and a hit with the florists! I began collecting a few tubers of her several years ago. We have been building our stock at ever so carefully, and now are so excited to have an abundance of tubers! Enough for our flower farm AND a bunch to share with other Dahlia lovers 🫶!

In my experience she sprouts quickly and starts growing lots of leaves, giving me hope and excitement for the blooms to come. By midsummer the blooms come, and when they do they continue profusely thru frost. These delicate, collarette style blooms are so sweet to have in arrangements and bud vases around the house.

Appleblossom Dahlia was introduced in 1986 and has quickly become a hit with florists! The blended colors of creamy yellow to blush and a hint of peach are the perfect addition to any bouquet!

We are excited to offer these in our Dahlia tuber sale that begins Jan. 21st at 10Am CST!

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Hello - I have now bought an Appleblossom dahlia tuber and was wondering if you could recommend other dahlias which compliment this beauty as in the picture of the bouquet above? Thanks!


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