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A Unique Holiday Gift

The holiday season of giving has arrived and it's time to find the perfect, thoughtful gifts for our loved ones.

For some, they know just what to get each person. But for the rest of us, there is always a few people who we know as "hard to shop for".

We ponder what it is that they will treasure and show them how truly special they are. Something that will brighten their day, put a smile on their face, and think of you every time they see it.

After working for the SCC Flower Farm for a few years now, I can honestly say that Sarah has perfected one of the most joyful gifts you can give... And that is a weekly delivery of bright, cheerful, fresh flowers delivered straight to the door of your loved one.

I have lost track of how many people over the past few seasons have told me that Thursdays are their favorite day of the week because it is "flower delivery day"! It is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Kind words from our loyal customers:

"My sisters and I bought my mom a Mother's Day gift that she is absolutely LOVING -- a 6 week flower CSA subscription from Sarah's Cottage Creations in Stillwater!" -Elizabeth

"These are a gift. I’ll give it to her for Christmas. She LOVED the flowers last year! Thank you."

"I have been receiving your beautiful flowers since May. They always make me smile!"

"She gave this to me as a gift last year and I loved it so much I’m giving to her for a Christmas gift!"

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Flower Subscription

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