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3 Shades of Pink

Dahlias in Shades of PINK….


Pink is my favorite color of all time!! I have created quite a collection of all the shades of pink. I love to use them together in arrangements and with all other colors. MY 3 FAVORITES include:


1. Sweet Nathalie; There is a reason why you see her name all over the internet as a sought after variety! Her soft pink petals are perfectly shaped in a decorative form. The blooms swell to 5” in size as they bloom heavily atop their long strong stems. If you can only have one blushy pink. This is the one!


2. Linda’s Baby; This one is hard to pass up. Every time I walk past her in the field I have to stop and take a closer look. This free flowering variety has a color range from blush to peach and shows the range of color from the center to the tips of the petals. Because of the ball shape she has a longer vase life and blends well with ALL colors.


3. Wine Eye Jill; She is hands down the most productive dahlias we grow on our farm! She is one of the earliest to bloom and the most prolific throughout the season. People love the name as well and the fun colored 2” bloom. The tall 4-5’ stems make her great additions to the back of any garden and are a fun pop of color in bouquets.

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