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2023 Subscriptions are LIVE!

FREE Dried flower box to give now while supplies last !

It's already time to think about holiday gifts! How can it be...I don't know about you but this year just flew by! We have already planted 12,000 FANCY tulip bulbs for early spring and have secured our Ranunculus, Anemone, Lisianthus and Summer seeds orders!

We have just updated the online shop with our flower offerings for 2023! A couple updates to notice..

  1. We have a few new delivery options

  2. We have upgraded our bouquets to larger flower counts and florist inspired designs.

  3. We have upgraded our systems, in house, for smoother order entry and delivery routes

We surely love growing flowers and look forward to sending some to you or your special friend. Thank you all for the ongoing support of our family flower farm 🥰

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Flower Subscription

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