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We are thrilled to offer our mix of seeds collected from our dahlia fields! These easy-to-grow seeds will produce a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors - no two plants will be the same! Flowers in this mix will be mostly open-centered types that will attract lots of pollinators. If you discover a variety in the mix that you love, tubers can be saved and planted the following year. Potential parent plants include popular varieties such as Cafe au Lait, Appleblossom, Brown Sugar, and more! Please find in depth planting instructions under the 'Care Info' page on our website. 

Dahlia SEED Mix

  • Plant type: annual (depending on zone)
    Height: 20-48”
    Sun: full sun
    Days to maturity: 100-120 days
    Plant spacing: 12”
    Pinch: when 12" tall
    Approx seeds per packet: 25

Flower Subscription

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