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From My Cutting Garden to You!

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

I have been playing with flowers in my cutting garden for many over 15 years. I enjoy learning what grows best, at what time, when to plant by seed or plug. Besides the joy of learning the plants, having fresh blooms in my home every day adds so much happiness!

Did you know that flowers actually change the chemicals in the brain to feel more happy and euphoric? YES! It is true! In some countries doctors are actually prescribing flowers and outdoor experiences to cure depression and anxiety in their patients.

I can attest to the feeling! After a busy day I have been know to simply sit and stare into my arrangements, catching every angle and color hue. Ultimately leaving me with a feeling of peace. We will be thrilled to share that experience with you when you purchase one of our CSA Bouquet or Arrangement subscriptions.

Check out our options in our online STORE!

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