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Waterlily Form

Crisp White

Tidy Blooms


  • Dahlias grow in most any well drained soil. As for exposure, full sun is the best, however they will tolerate some later afternoon shade. Plant after your last frost, usually Mid May in Minnesota. Making sure the soil temp is above 55 degrees. Apply a good comopost or balanced fertilizer to the soil but avoil high nitroen fertilizers. Lay tuber flat in a hole about 4" deep and cover with soil. We do not water our tubers until we see them starting to sprout above the soil to prevent tuber rot. Once they begin to sprout, we start watering weekly. Once they are blooming we water every couple days. We apply fish emulsion to our tubers one time every 4 weeks thru the summer to keep blooming as prolific as they can. 

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