8 Weeks of Fresh Summer Blooms will be delivered!!! Each bouquet will be designed with the freshest flowers from the field that week. They will be arranged within color themes so they have a high end, coordinated look. With all the design work done for you, simply place them in your favorite vessel and enjoy! These beauties will last a week + depending on the variety. Some of the stems included will be; Zinnia, Sunflower, Lisianthus, Cosmos, Snapdragon, Dahlia, Astilbe, Salvia, Spirea, Ninebark, Phlox, Eucalyptus, Meadow Rue and more.....

Mixed Summer Bouquet CSA (July 10 - Aug 28 )

  • For longest vase life results we suggest snipping the end of the stems before placing them in clean water with flower food. Then place in a cool location out of direct sunlight.